my adventure build continues with . challenges Wheels / Tyres


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well first my riding . i like exploring ,i like seeing new places i like turning down lanes that look interested and i guess ,it could be classed as gravel . maybe ! its certainly not road its certainly not mountain biking to any extreme, but could be trails

i had a Trek hybrid it was a bit old , but i liked it ,i got draw towards a Gravel bike only to find the bike just wasnt for me
so . sold now i think

i have picked up a specialized cross trail . wasnt in the best condition when i got to collect it . But i was warned lol , well with hrs in the garage , its looking much better and im feeling more like this is right for me . work was needed some ive done , im no bike mechanic but learning as i go . Youtube videos have been a great help ..
well the bike so far
Picked up . covered in white paint .Yes ..hmm why i dont know, rusty chain, cassette , seat post , seals gone in front forks .
seat ripped , grips yuk lol. and dull tierd paitwork

well from the top , Paint removed oh the fun hrs with thinners
seat replaced
grips replaced
paint now shinny
seat post replaced with a suspension post
Rear Cassette replace . Deore XT
Derailleurs replaced Deore XT
Chain Replaced
forks . hopefully they will will last till winter...i dont want to be missing summer stripping the bike down and cash is tight now
Crank and bottom bracket also to be replaced in winter
picked up a nice frame bag and nice seat bag. on ebay

Right what i would like is to sort my Wheels and tyre s well . Tyres any way
im going big but running 700c rims and finding limited available tyres i like

my choice is 700 x 50 or 55 in size ......they will go on the rim

But by choice of Tyres is not available in 700c only 27.5

so do i do the simple thing and do more tyre research . or get a set of 27.5 mountain bike wheels

be interested in your thoughts on the wheels and recommendations on similar tyres 47' min 50 OR 55s

thanks in advance


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Should be loads of tyres in that width for 700c look for 29er tyres. I assume your rims arn't super narrow.

The Mezcal is available in 29 size which is 700c,4294957821
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I think 17mm internal width should be OK up to about 52mm wide, I am sure some people will have put wider on 17mm but 19mm internal width or bigger is better over 50mm IMO.
I could stick with a 50 not a 55 not much difference
ill try pick up a used 29r 2.1 to see how it sits before i spend £100 on new tyres



A build thread without photos, that's like a bacon sarnie without HP sauce, it just doesn't work. :sad:


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A build thread without photos, that's like a bacon sarnie without HP sauce, it just doesn't work. :sad:
thats why there is no photos this is a Tomato Ketchup Thread :laugh:
i will do some lol tho its part underway
last night after the new cassette and derailleurs were fitted

test ride night . Happy ,you can just make out the shiny bits :laugh: well they ar for now




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So far photos as requested
Banjo Brothers frame bag
seat bag
Shimano Deore XT derailleurs and new chain
G-one 38s tyres soon to be replaced with 50s
new stem . But need new bars to fit


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