Where do all the IT graduates work ?

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This has been puzzling me for a while. Every year UK universities turn out presumably tens of thousands of IT graduates, but where do they all go to find work ? I work in IT for one of the biggest companies in the UK, our IT dept must number around 10,000, but the last time I saw any new graduates starting in technical roles must have been 15 years ago. Since then practically all entry level technical roles have been filled by Indian suppliers. As far as I can make out this is true of most other financial services companies too. So where do all the IT grads go ?


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[QUOTE 3508180, member: 259"]...Finnish bank to start as a trader in something complicated.[/QUOTE]

Elk, herring or timber, which one?


Local government. Major stores like asda and tesco. Other big chains.
Not necessarily in IT either. A lot of them are probably till jockeys and shelf stackers or pulling pints somewhere.
Not everyone is lured to the bright lights of a big city.


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Depends on the service they're providing - if it's something "anyone" can do, and the person wont do anything to grow the business (because they're just offering a commoditized service) why pay for someone inhouse, it's far cheaper to outsource to another company who specialises in that service - Im thinking operations, network configuration, monitoring, development, testing. Especially for businesses that are headcount restricted. Id much rather get someone in who's the right kind of person to add value (eg architect/design who knows or can relate what they do to the business/industry/customers), rather than someone that can just do a job.
The lad I trained in IT support (started of as an activity but he was so good that I was allowed by the school to employ him during the holidays to help out on projects including server work etc (the activity was mandatory, they just got to chose what rather than if)), went on to graduate in IT took less than 3 months to find himself a role in IT...

So to answer your question, in his case IT!

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There are still companies that develop products. A lot of software is embedded software, e.g. engine management systems, automation controllers, micro-controllers for various gizmos. Others work on the front end interfaces. If someone sits at a desk looking after a power station, his computer will be running some pretty complex software.

There is also database management software. In my last job, one of our products had to control a robot that took out a video tape from a rack, copied an item to a video server, then updated database. Another bit of software would allow the staff to see what material they had where. Another bit of software would schedule the items to be played, but would would enable the operators if the database showed the item was not on the device it was supposed to be.

I am pretty sure graduates in computer science, software engineering or other IT courses can still find jobs, although it might take a while.
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Government Digital Services are taking IT grads these days. Policy (this week, who knows what it will be next week?) is to take IT services that have been provided by contractors back in-house.


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Saw quite a few in telecomms, it is, after all, now IT based. A lot of those on the testing side were young and coming from overseas. Of two related, one works on internet apps, the other, who did a IT teaching degree, is in retail.


UK universities turn out decreasing numbers of IT graduates, which is why lots of IT development and testing is outsourced to India, China and Vietnam.

On the other hand we churn out more Media studies graduates per year than there are media related jobs in total.

I might be exaggerating but you get the gist


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We have an IT departmet of about 80 world wide
Altough 80% are employed in London, the English ones I could could on two hands
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