Where do you keep your bike at work?

Where do you keep your bike at work?

  • On the street outside

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Outside, but in the complex without facilities

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Outside, but secured in specific facilities

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • In the building somewhere

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Inside, within eyesight at all times

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Mines in the builinding, well if you count the lift room from the basement car park, there's not much room however.


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Just interested.

MY current POW has individual, locked and very secure lockers. And shower and locker rooms for both sexes. Which are excellent and about as good as it gets IMO.

Similar here - except that we have shared shower / locker rooms!!!
( Wooo Hoooo!! )

(except that only blokes seem to cycle here!!!)


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I have the choice of a swipe card bike shed, or a medieval cloister with a metal rail fixed in it for locking bikes to.

Well, it looks like a medieval cloister, but I gather to was actually added in the 30's. And they laid all the stone with the grain running the wrong way, so it's flaking off in big lumps...
We have a new bike shed with swipe card access. It looks lovely. Except that they left a big enough gap for someone to reach between the panels and operate the emergency door release button. After a break in they have shrouded the button, but it's still a bit of a crappy compromise designed by someone who wasn't quite as clever as they should have been.
No showers though and changing is in whichever tiny, leaky bog cubicle is free....


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our bike shed has recently been taken over by the smokers (a spiritual home of sorts i guess), so we (well me and the night staff bloke) have moved in with the motorbikes. not a problem other than it's slightly further to walk in cleats.

nice shower facility, with handy radiator for wet days (like today).


I keep my bike in the server room; its door is right next to my desk, so I can keep an eye on what's going on in there all the time.
Also, our office is in the same building as our gym, so I take shower and change into civilian clothing there.


When i started at my current place, i only had a cheapo second hand full-sus shitter, and i just used to leave it cable-locked to a drainpipe - but one of the other programmers said 'oh, you want to bring it in! leave it in the corridor.', which i then started doing - much to the disgust of one of the secretaries (iirc which i made a thread about back on c+) the (then) director also didn't like it in the corridor due to 'looking untidy if customers are ever here', but he said I could store it in the secretary's office, so she still wasn't happy. She's since made repeated attempts to ban them but on her most recent and concerted one I was completely cold with her and since then one of the directors has designated a new office which was otherwise unused for the bikes so she hasn't dared ban them since.


Our building is a quadrangle, and there's 20 or so racks undercover outside in the quadrangle - which means its pretty secure storage as you have to have access to the building to get at it. We have lockers in the corridors, and one shower.


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In our card-access multi-storey car-park, protected by CCTV, chained up to one of the many, many bike rails. There are also covered bike-shed-type things, but I don't bother with them after I cracked my (thankfully helmeted) head on a roof-support metal bar the very first day I used it (I'm 6ft 3" tall - the shack was designed for those under 5ft, I reckon).

I have full use of the gym changing room & showers and coin-lockers, and I have my own allocated permanent locker just outside the gym itself.

I have to admit we're very well catered-for. I've even got HR working on buying a communal toolkit, trackpump, spares and workstand to further encourage the cycle-commuters. I may have a way to go on heated drying facilities for wet cycling kit during the winter, though... They're keen, but they don't think there's a suitable location in the building for such a thing.
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