Where to stick a front light now I have a bar bag??

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Altering the pacegrip

The space grip is afixed by a band that tightens up with a bolt. If you have a hole in the fork crown for mudguard / brake fixing then this can be used to mount a Spacegrip. You cannot do this if there are brakes fitted atthis point.

Before going too far offer up the spacegrip and make sure the brakes etc are free to work.

By removing the bottom half of the grip, and the band you are left with the "u shaped" metal bracket and the distal part of the grip.
(The piece above the square flange)

With a little careful filing the plastic part can be made to fit flush with the fork crown.

Now place a suitable bolt through the fork crown, and attach the "Ushaped" bracket, and secure the plastic piece and bar.

Hence the bar is now usable at fork crown level for standard lighting.


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Smart make a bracket for mounting a light on the fork crown;
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