Where were you the day C+ died?


In the same vein that people talk of the day US President Kennedy was shot where were you when the old forum was put to the sword?

I was out for an evening mountainbiking at Beecraigs and got a shock when I logged in on my return home. Where were you?


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Sat on the crapper with the wifes laptop xx(:rolleyes::rolleyes::biggrin:
I missed the fireworks as I hadn't dropped in for a while and then when I did I didn't suss out everyone had left BR. Took a while and the help of another poster to find my way over here.
I was on the Trans-Pennine Trail which was wet, windy and flooded. I got o York, and decided to book log on with the PDA and behold........


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Had been absent for a couple of weeks so missed the actual plug-pulling.

I remember accessing the old C+ site shortly after the deed was done and wondering why there had seemingly been no posts for several days! ;)


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strangely, my beloved powerbook died just after c+.

the brave new world of "bikeradar" was a soul-less, bug bedevilled piece of poo (it's got better since, apart from the fact that no bugger goes on any more). i prefer to remember when i found this place.
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