Where's the sun


Ok, who nicked the sunshine.
Picked up my nice new shiny bike last week and ever since its bucketed down. I'm thinking of ditching the wheels and having flippers fitted. the other day I was riding home and the road was three inches deep in water!!!! and to rub salt in the wounds we have a hosepipe ban in place.
So if you know who's got the sunshine ask them to put it back.

Steve H

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My 6 year old told me the sun has gone on holiday to Majorca for a week.

I guess everyone deserves some time off throughout the year!


Rain magnet.
Costa Clyde.
Hardly stopped raining here (Ayrshire) since the start of July. A repeat of last summer, and the one before that, and.............:sad:.

May was ok but chilly, then a few decent weeks in June. Surely it's not over already? Long term forecast on metoffice.com doesn't give us much hope.
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