Which bike should I get...?


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I’m about to buy my first road bike. I’m using the bike to work scheme so ideally want to stay within the £1k budget of that, I have decided to go with one of these two:

Cube Peloton Race at £999 http://www.cube.eu/en/road/performance/peloton-race/
Specialized Allez Comp 2012 which I can also get for £999 now

Any thoughts on which I should go with?

Alternatively, I have seen what appears a good offer on the Specialized Tarmac but it will take me £300 over budget…..its this one: http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/road/tarmac/tarmaccompact#specs

Can’t find any reviews for it though so I’m wondering why it’s on sale, they obviously have quite a few left!! Given that I’m a newbie is it worth spending the extra £300 when I really know I shouldn’t?

Thoughts please! I desperately just want to get a bike now but can’t choose between these options!

Finally, any ideas where I can find out the weight of the two Specialized bikes detailed above? It doesn’t appear to show on the specs…


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Bike manufacturers are very coy about weight - best thing is go to a shop, pick them up and have a test ride :smile:

If you want a well known super brand, Specialized. If you want something more unusual, Cube

Is it for commuting (well of course it is on C2W ;) ) - if so, I am not sure I would choose carbon - cannt fit racks and guards very easily - the groupset spec is lower on the Tarmac. Also, you may NOT be able to go over the £1k limit - depends on scheme and retailer

On looks alone - I would go Cube. I think the spec is a little better too. I alwways think Specialized are overpriced and you pay for the name to some extent

I don't know if you can fit a rack and guards to any of these?

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Agreed, get down to your LBS and ask for test rides, its a big buy and a good shop will be happy to help.

I tried a few bikes and love my Cube peloton race, also through the c2w

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Both those bikes from specialized are really great bikes, I would not be to concerned with the claimed weight of bikes or components as they rarely meet what the makers claim.
The Allez Comp claimed weight is 9.16kg
The Tarmac Comp claimed weight is 8kg
When Specialized weigh these bikes they are the smallest frame sizes and pretty much naked, and this is how most makers weigh bikes as such unless you take a small frame size you should expect the bikes to be heavier


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Funnily enough I won’t be using it for riding to work…I only live 5 minutes away! I’ll be using it for long Sunday rides, sportives and the odd sprint distance triathlon. One of the sportives I was looking at did mention needed mudguards, is this normal? Ifso then I should take this into consideration.

Thanks for the information and advice. Nothing enough has been said to convince me to spend an extra £300 to get the carbon bike at this stage, if I get into it as much as I hope over the next year or two then I can upgrade when I know more! I’m veering towards the Cube at the moment, I think I get more for the money than I do with the Specialized Allez but I’m planning to test them both and make a decision after that.


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Perhaps don't tell your employer and HMRC that you won't be using it for going to work ;)

Happy shopping :smile:

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The Specialized and Cube look similar spec-wise to me but I am probably missing something, wheels etc. I am probably in the minority but I prefer the more understated looks of the Allez.
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