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Hi, not sure if I'm in the right place! I'm looking for some advice on what bike to buy my fella for his birthday but know absolutely nothing about bikes! Can only afford second hand and the 2 I've found are a Carrera Kraken (£110) and a Giant Cypress (£120). Can anyone advise me on which of these would be the better buy please, if either! Don't want to end up wasting my money. Thanks in advance :smile:
Without seeing the actual bikes it would be hard to say. The Carrera Kraken has always come out well in reviews but there is nothing wrong with Giant bikes either.

Are you sure you know his preferences and what size he definitely needs? Personally, I'm not sure I would be happy buying a bike for someone else, or indeed having one bought for me. Would it maybe be safer saying you would like to give him say £100 towards one and go with him to look at them and see which he prefers?
First thing is what does he want to do with the bike, second is are the secondhand ones the correct size. From a quick google the older Carrera Krakens are 26 inch wheel proper mountain bikes ( newer ones are 27.5 inch) and got a good review on bike radar for a sub 500 quid bike. see review , note bike 499 quid new http://www.bikeradar.com/mtb/gear/category/bikes/mountain-bikes/hardtail/product/review-carrera-kraken-12-46886/ The giant cypress is a 700c wheeled ( 29 inch) hybrid bike with a bit of suspension. ( around 274 new)If your fella wants to hit the real rough stuff go for the carrera, if just tow paths etc maybe the giant as bigger wheels will munch up the miles easier. I would ask him what he wants first and double check the size he needs. I personally would consider the Carrera better value only due to the good review and higher price new. I have no experience of either.


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I did try upload photos but my phones playing up.
He works 10 hour days so doesn't really have time to look around and he's probably just tell me to spend it on myself. He had his 2 stolen a few days ago, just really wanted to surprise him with a new one for his birthday. I do know a few makes he like and what size he needs but that's really as far as my knowledge goes.
Thanks for the advice! Most people have said the Carrera is a better choice but I just have this but feeling he'd prefer the Giant! Plus when I look at the ad the Carrera looks abit small.


Giant > Carrera, in my humble opinion.

But, and it's a big but, I don't think you should buy someone else a bike. Bikes are personal things. Having the wrong one can really make or break love of cycling. As suggested, get him a voucher for 100 quid and let him decide!

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Hi Lucy, your fella sounds like a lucy chap.

I'm not a fan on the Carreras...but I have absolutely no good reason for saying that, just some brands that I've never taken to and carrera are one...perhaps it's the halfords thing.

That said, I found this one on eBay, that looks, visually like a pretty frame

Other than that I also spotted this,

Which looks a bit sexy, not sure what the "dent" that it mentions is.


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A few people have told me not to choose one for him, just thought it would be a nice surprise for him to come home too. I guess I could just give him the money towards it. I'd rather he picked something he loved than me get it completely wrong!

Aw thanks! :smile: he deserves it. Will have a look at the links, thankyou x
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