Which bike to purchase in the cycle to work scheme


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Hi, Hoping to give Lejog a go at some point and looking for tips on which bike to purchase for the job. I’m not a proper cyclist (yet) But plan on taking a couple of weeks to do it and with no support vehicle etc, so guess it would need to be a touring bike?or is there other options that could take panniers etc.....


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Many road bikes will also take panniers, mudguards and fatter tyres which you’ll also probably want for commuting
or indeed a flat bar if that’s a preference

The main issue right now is a major lack of stock especially in the sub £1500 market.
You may also be restricted by the bikes available through the scheme your employer uses


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The ride isn’t going to be until either the spring of next year or maybe even 2022 so no immediate panic with regard to bike stocks. I thought that touring bikes were slightly longer and this gave clearance between pedals and feet? But that’s great if it gives me more options, thank you.


People do lejog on all-sorts - imo it depends more the type of cycling you want to do.
Do you just want to pootle and aren't that fussed about speed ?

Or do you intend to get pretty fit and have a personal goal in mind ?

At the extremes there's aero road bikes - which will put you in an agressive position - then there's tourers with an array of attachments for racks, mudguards, wider tyres etc....

Then there's a whole host inbetween
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