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im training to do the london night ride in june, this may be a silly ? but just started to train but do i start on the road bike im going to use or my hybrid till i get used to riding again as been away from it for just over a yr.

Dave 123

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Just ride is probably the answer!


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Use the bike most suited to the conditions you'll be riding in. If it's wet and mucky use the hybrid if you can't fit full mudguards to the roadbike...otherwise ride the roadbike

Or whatever bike you fancy

I'll be doing ride 100 on my carbon bike (unless the weather forecast is bad), but I expect 90% of my riding between now and then will be on a different bike


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Either will be fine to get miles in your legs but a roadie position is more of an acquired taste than a hybrid usually so make sure you do enough miles on the road bike to be comfortable in the more hunched position and with less forgiving tyres and saddle (assuming here) under you for soaking up lumps and bumps and road buzz.
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