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looking in halfords yesterday at the boardman carbon £999 which I thought was so much better than my set up, when the assistant pulled from out back his 13 make model £1400 said it was so much better, parts seat handle bars etc. as I am a novice and all the names etc mean nothing to me, I though I would look at some opinions from on here,
What you think?

13 rider

I have been riding a 13 hybrid ( see avatar) for six months and love it had no issues .13 brand is only six months old so quite rare but road bikes do seem good spec for the money .can't speak about boardmans .Good luck deciding .personally I go for the dearer option if you can afford it.


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lol @man in black , did having a fondle of my bike put you in the mood for a new one? :okay:


To be honest, with the amount of cycling you are doing is it really worth paying all that extra for the upgraded bike. It's a lot to pay for if you find out later you don't like it. You can always upgrade it at a later date.
Look at some other (imo) better options that are out there then the Boardman and 13, though that's not to say that Boardman aren't very good, when in fact they are.

Check these reviews out for some of the best bikes at the £1000 range

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