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Hi, I'm looking to buy a second bike to commute to work, currently using my 'heavy' mountain bike.
I have a budget of max £700 and am looking for a sport hybrid type bike. I have narrowed it down to TREK 7.5 FX, TREK 7500, Ridgeback Flight 02, ridgeback Rapide supernova, Specialized tricross or Specialized sirrus elite.
My commuting journey is mixed. Road30%, pavement40%, 10% gravel, 20% mud footpath, many speed bumps, mount many pavements, only one short steep up hill section.
I hope someone with the knowledge of the above bikes can give me some advice. Thanks, Sion.


I don't know the Treks or Ridgebacks but I'm not sure that a sport hybrid like the Sirrus or Trek 7.5FX would be ideal with only 1/3 of your journey on the road. They are flat-barred road bikes, IMO, and they might not appreciate spending 1/3 of their time on mud and gravel.

The Trek 7500 looks more suitable, but I'd go with the Tricross.
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