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  1. dawn richy

    dawn richy New Member

    Hi, I am about to start to cycle to work everyday - it will only take me 5 mins since our recent house move. Most sites seem to recommend a Giant Expressions DX or a Raleigh Pioneer or Caprice. Anyone know anything about these to help me decide? Dawn:biggrin:
  2. Mister Paul

    Mister Paul Legendary Member

    It depends how much you want to spend.

    At the bottom of the scale, and you'd be wise to pay at least £200, you've got the Carrera Subway 1 at Halfords-

    -they do a women's spec version, and it's a very good bike.

    Decent alternatives at that price are limited, but have a look at Edinburgh Bicycle's own-brand (Revolution) bikes-
    http://www.edinburghbicycle.com/comms/srv.a4d?f_pg=home.htm&f_Cardinal=1 .

    Once you get nearer £300 and above, this is where all the major brands start with their hybrids. And to be honest most of them are ok. You really need to have a go on a few and see which one you like. Alternatively, it's important that you've got a good local bike shop to fall back on (Halfords don't have the best reputation for servicing bikes), so see if you can get a recommendation of a good one in your area, and see which brand they sell.

    The Raleigh hybrids are ok, but I wouldn't recommend them.

    And remember to budget for decent mudguards and a good lock.
  3. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Hi Dawn...and welcome :biggrin:

    Having brought a new hybrid for the wife, i guess the most important thing is to get to see the bikes yourself.
    She was quite definate when she saw specific bikes...no, i dont like that one...hmmm, maybe that one...definately not that one etc etc.

    I'd suggest getting to a LBS (local bike shop) to lookee. It'll also allow you to try them out if possible. Its very important to get the right size, and one you feel comfortable on. You may see one bike, and fall in love with it.

    Is it hilly where you live. No ? Then perhaps the 3 gear Raleigh Caprice will be the simplest to ride and easiest to keep clean.

    The best thing to remember is, there are not really any rubbish bikes with respectable manufacturers. You need to make sure you dont overpay for a particular bike. Do your homework and compare.
    You may (but not always) pay a bit more at a LBS...but you get to try it..and you've got somewhere to go if you have any problems.

    Hope that helps ...
  4. funnymummy

    funnymummy A Dizzy M.A.B.I.L

    I have a Giant Epression DX & it is abssolutley perfect - for me, that is.
    I visited several shops & tried out numerous bikes, a couple of shops would only let me toodle up & down on the pavemnet out front.
    I finly found a shop that let me go for a good ride to test their bikes out, to see what they could relly do.
    It took me a while to find my perfect bike - You will not find the right one just on word of mouth alone, you really do need to get on & try them all out & find your perfect match
    Oh boy - just re-red my post, the last bit sounds like a cheesy dating ad LOL!!!
  5. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    With all due respect if it's only going to take 5 minutes it hardly matters which bike you get. (I presume it's only about a mile or less.)
    You could do it on a clarty old 80s bmx, or in fact what I'd actually recommend would be a unicycle.
    OR, you could think of some more challenging bike rides to go on, and base your choice of bike around that.

    honestly not having a pop, I just think that cycling is a really enjoyable thing and you cant' really hope to get the most out of it on such a short trip.
  6. OP
    dawn richy

    dawn richy New Member

    hybrid bikes

    Thanks for your advice - I do intend to use it for more than going to work but that will be it's main function. I would like to buy something that is going to be easy and enjoyable to use so I will use it more and more. I live in Cordoba, Spain and there is a hill on the way to work but generally it is quite flat. Cycling seems to be a popular means of transport here. I am returning to the UK in the summer for one week and will probably visit some English speaking cycle shops. Then we are off to France where I plan to cycle into town from the campsites. I have just been to a bike shop in Cordoba and seen a Giant Traffic (ladies), he offered me 10% off which means £224. I didn't have a test drive so I will return. He didn't know about a Giant Expressions DX - maybe it is the Spanish version - more research needed I feel. Thanks for the friendly welcome.
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