which is better triban or felt bikes????

There is no definitive answer to that.

Depends on what riding you plan on doing and what your budget is.

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Which do I have? Neither of those bikes TBH.

I very nearly bought a Felt AR2 a couple of years ago but Felt quoted me a weight limit of 16 stones, hence I didn't buy one!

I don't know anything about the Felt you mention, but the Triban has been receiving very good reviews, quite a few on here either have one or started off with one.

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Just a minor correction, It's a Z85 and lovely :smile: has taken a fair beating on the garbage roads on my ride to work, wheels still true (although I did read most people would swap them for something lighter, but I guess they make up for their 'weight' with rigidity).. Setup I find very comfortable, nice chunky bar tape and a very comfy saddle too with appropriate male body accommodating dents etc. Also all the warning stickers are in German! (I have left them on).. my bike is covered in yellow "ACHTUNG!" stickers..

My 1st road bike, so not really got much to compare it to in that regard, but looks good, feels good, rides beautifully.. and it makes Edwards80 jealous :biggrin: what's not to like :biggrin:
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