Which ladies' hybrid bike should I buy?

Fiona K

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Hi. I am new to cycling, and would really appreciate advice on which ladies hybrid bike would be best for me. I am quite petite, so want the most lightweight one possible. I want it to be comfy, too. I thought I should buy a Ridgeback Velocity, but is it heavy? Would the Trek 7.1 FX be better for me? Or the Carrera Subway 2? Or anything else? I am a bit confused, as you can probably tell. I want it for general riding on roads and cycle paths. I don't want to spend more than I have to. Thanks for any advice whatsoever. :wacko:


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newton aycliffe
hi fiona
dont know those other bikes ...but last year got my g/f trek7100 poss the 7.1fx is the 2010 model but she thinks it great.. and this is from a girl who said
you will never get me on a bike.. try and test first



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Hi Fiona welcome to the forum, the carrera subway 2 are quite good a friend of mine has one, I went with the carrera fury 16" as I wanted front suspension for when i go off road and i have brought city jets for my daily commuter, and road cycling.


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Welcome to the forum. I'm 5"1 so understand your challenges!!

My first decent bike was a Dawes Discovery 201. I had a step-through frame which made getting on much easier, and a 17" frame. I utterly loved it. It was about 200 quid when I bought it 6 years ago and I thought it was fantastic value for money. I used it loads for cycling round London where I lived and also took it to Europe a number of times for tours up to a week, including through the hills of Bavaria. It did me proud, so I can really recommend it.

The husband had a Subway Carrera and it was a great bike but very heavy (we called it the Tank). If you're small, check the weight of the bikes as that makes a massive difference to how much you enjoy riding it.
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