Which Mountain Bike?

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  1. 2015 X-Caliber 7

  2. 2017/18 Marlin 6

  1. ImBAE

    ImBAE New Member

    I'm replacing my old mountain bike; I have a choice between a used 2015 Trek X-Caliber 7 and a new 2017/18 Trek Marlin 6 and I'm trying to decide which one I should get. Is the newer Marlin 6 worth the extra cost?

    2015 X-Caliber 7
    Better Saddle and Brakes
    27 Speed
    Free lifetime maintenance from local shop
    All original components
    Worse Drivetrain (Derailleurs, crank, and cassette)

    2017/18 Marlin 6
    Better Drivetrain
    Completely New
    Better Tires
    More expensive
  2. ADarkDraconis

    ADarkDraconis Cardinal Member

    Ohio, USA
    I like the idea of free lifetime service, and a good saddle is important. I would probably go with the X-Caliber 7 as being a 7 it would have been a step up from a 6 when new and there is a significant price difference between the two from the factory (new the X-Caliber 7 is over $900 here.) As long as it is in good shape, which most local shops do a nice job of checking and replacing anything on a used they sell. Use the extra cash towards stuff you want for the new bike (lights, fenders, pedals, anything).

    If you still can't decide, which one is prettier? :smile:
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