Which of my bikes should I tour on.


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I have biked a fair bit but I am not that knowledgeable about them, so would appreciate any advice which of my bikes I should tour on. When Covid possible I could be away a week or two and intend to camp.
I am a lightweight camper and my gear weighs 6.5Kg without food and water. I guess I could try both over a few days and see how i get on. I am a experienced hiker having wild camped several thousand miles. I have a Bob Jackson road bike with a Reynolds 531 frame( not sure about the Reynolds exactly as the badge is worn).
A few years ago I did use it to do Triathlons; (Elite vet).It has been modified and has a three chain ring and derailer mountain bike style. I needed more gears as I do get up in the Yorkshire Dale hills. I have much more modern Carrera Crossfire 2 as I do go off road a bit. I have panniers and handle bar bag. I lean towards using the Carrera as the gears are smoother but wonder about its extra weight. Wherever I go it is likely to be hilly.


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You could load each other up as if for a normal tour and go for a half day ride on each. I bet that would be long enough to to work out which one is most comfortable over long distances. If in doubt pick the one with the lowest gears.


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If your Bob Jackson has mounting points for a pannier rack then it sounds perfect, get your gears looked at if they are not so smooth as you may have an issue.
Personally I’d avoid touring on the Carrera as it has unnecessary energy sapping front suspension.


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Personally, I'd go with the Bob Jackson, assuming you can get a pannier rack on there.
Mind you, I've been touring on a road bike with no rack, a Dynatech (bonded frame :eek:) fixed and a Brompton, so my judgement is questionable at best.
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