Which of these road bikes are best?


I am thinking of buying a road bike but am on a budget of only £200. I have found the following five bike but I am completely new to road bikes so have no idea which bike is best.

1. Tiger Olympus: http://www.towsure.com/product/Tiger_Olympus_Alloy_Road_Bike_56cm_BlackBlue
2. Raleigh DBR Persuit: http://www.ashcycles.com/site/raleigh-drb-pursuit-2013-road-bike
3. Raleigh Equipe: http://www.ashcycles.com/site/raleigh-equipe-black-2014
4. Claud Buttler Koppenburg: http://www.ashcycles.com/site/Claud-Butler-Koppenberg-2013-road-bike
5. Tiger Sigma: http://www.towsure.com/product/Tiger_Sigma_Alloy_Road_Bike_56cm_BlackBlue


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To be honest none of them will be any good. You'd be best off with a btwin triban, either new if you can find more money or used

New http://www.decathlon.co.uk/triban-300-road-bike-white-id_8239800.html

Or a couple of halfords options

http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/road-bikes/carrera-crixus-limited-edition-cyclocross-bike-2015 , more rugged could add slicker tyres

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I think if your budget is £200 look at second hand, you can probably find a much nicer bike with decent components where somebody else has took the hit of the "new" price. Some second hand bikes are hardly used, where people give it a go but then fall out of love with cycling, the trick is obviously finding a good one and not a worn out example.


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At £200 you're not going to get anything new which would be any good - even for a beginner. At around £300 you start to see some great second hand deals but it's worth finding out how to do basic wear checks on main components so you know if parts need replacing right away.

This all seems daunting to a newcomer but it will be worth it having put a few hard hours of research in and coming away with a great second hand bike vs. a very very basic new bike.

I got a "good" deal on my first (and so far, only) road bike, but I ended up dropping £150 on it to fix some issues caused by worn parts before I knew how to fix them myself, so it's definitely worth learning what to check for if you start to look at used bikes.


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As said they won't be too good. I've owned similar stuff temporarily. They are all pretty much the same bike. Will do a job but I'd spend a bit more for some better quality. If you have a local halfords see if they have any old Carreras on offer. I'd say at least get one where the shifters are integrated with the brake levers. Those plastic gear levers on all those bikes are awkward.


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They're all vying to be the worst on that list.

Either try and extend your budget, or shop around very carefully for a.decent used machine of greater fitness for.purpose.


Thanks for all the quick replies. I was trying to avoid having to go second hand as it takes a while to get something good come up locally. I will not be able to get a bike for a while so I will just wait for something good to come up.


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got anything atm for this gent ?
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Thanks but I am not looking to buy a bike right now I was just trying to find out what my best options would be.
They might change depending on when you are buying as new models come out every year (although there's nothing new about any on your original list)
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