which one ?


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giant defy 3
cube ariel
specialised secteur

touring a possibility ,
friend has been trying to decide for weeks now sat on each bike likes all three
tiagra groupsets would swing it for me the touring bit would rule out the specialised because of forks so id lean towards the cube #1 or giant#2 have i called this wrong ?


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From memory, the Secteur is the most appropriate for touring of the three. It has a slightly more relaxed position than the other two that are both more performance oriented. The Allez would be the comparable Spesh here.


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well i got that all wrong , secteur the the best of the bunch then .
3 great bikes i just couldn't separate them thanks guys .


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There is a CycleChat group dedicated to the Secteur here

The Secteur will take a rack easy (I have one on my Elite). However mudguards would be a problem. To get around this I have raceblades so it is a quick and easy job of putting them on and taking off as and when.


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Cube ariel is a pretty racey bike unless I am mistaken....very good quality frame and quality of ride though, my brother has just purchased one
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