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Hi to all and sundry. I've just got back into cycling after 32 years when I found two bikes (a ladies and a gents) covered in dust and muck in one of the buildings on a farm where I rent a cottage. Not liking seeing bikes rusting away I decided to get them sevicable again - which I have. First two rides in one day I covered about 4 miles with no problem apart from feeling like I've been in an arse kicking competition - and lost.

I've discovered the gents bike came from Argos and was the cheapest one they sold. It weighs a ton and is not pleasant to ride, but will do for now. Thing is, when I was young I had an Elswick Hopper which was light and great to ride, and that's the feeling I want to experience again. Things have moved on a bit since the late seventies and the choice of bikes is daunting. It seems my choice will be between a hybrid or a road bike. I'm not looking for speed as I will only be tootling around country lanes. I just want the sheer pleasure of riding a bike that is light. So, should it be the hybrid or the road bike. Maybe you can help with my decision, but I am leaning towards the road version.

Out of interest. The ladies bike is a Raleigh Cameo. A good bike I believe.

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I would go for the road bike because dropped bars give multiple choice of hand positions, great for combatting aching arms and wrists. I know others are ok with flat bars but I find them uncomfortable after about ten minutes.

You may start out only intending to tootle about the lanes, but the bug is likely to bite and you'll soon find yourself head-down arse-up heading for your first centuary :smile:


Good effort sorting out the bikes. I wouldn't waste a lot of time on the argos special, by all means take it to the pub but that's about all it's good for.

I don't agree with the other post re drops. I find them hard work, and prefer flats, esp with bar ends. Choose whatever suits you best.

How about sniffing round the local paper? There are some great bikes for loose change, little used, and you are clearly not afraid to get stuck into something that needs a bit of servicing. This can get ypou onto a lovely bike that's a joy to ride for the price of a £200 entry level machine.


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Thanks for the replies. I won't be spending any more time on the Argos bike. All I did was stick on two cheap tyres and tubes after stripping it down, cleaning it up and applying a few drops of oil here and there to free things up. It has a straight bar which feels too close to me and I find myself bolt upright as I ride it.

I used to have drops in the past so wouldn't mind going back to them. I am also considering a fixie. I coupled one up to the to my Elswick and found it made pedaling so easy. However, I can't remember how I coped when it came to hills. I'm somewhat worried if I decided on a fixed, I would miss/need the gears. Maybe I'm just aiming to high, but I must admit I am attracted to the simplicity of a fixie. Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

Great forum by the way - helpful, encouraging and friendly.


Hi there. Just head off to a few local bike shops and try some out. You don't have to buy them - just get a feel for what you want; try out a few models and sizes etc.
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