Which roof rack 3/4 bikes?


i have a 2009 ford Mondeo mk4 and need to carry 5 bikes. 2 are only small so they will go in the boot but the other 3 are full size

Without breaking the bank which roof system do people recommend?

I do have a towbar fitted but have a roof box that I currently can't use as I have no bars hence wanting a roof bar system


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You will need to get bars on the roof before you can put bike racks on. You would get 3 x Thule 591 racks on there, doubtful if 4 would fit. The 591 racks are good but I swapped to a tow bar mounted system last year and it is a far better solution. Bikes don't get buffeted by the wind, better MPG, no risk on height restricted entrances, far easier loading, the list goes on. The expensive bit with a towbar system is usually getting the towbar fitted but as you already have it the choice seems obvious.


Obviously as this is an internet forum I'm going to ignore the fact that you have explicitly said you want a roof system and given a valid reason why :smile:

I'd be tempted by a Bakrak - they look really useful for carrying all sorts, and are very adaptable. You could mount your roofbox to the bakrak as well.

Also, consider that when you use the roof box (holidays, I guess?) you will probably also want to carry the bikes, so a roof bike system will be no good.

The universal style carriers that go on roof bars will also go on the bakrak, so if you get a bakrak, some universal bike holders and some secondhand Mondeo-fit bars off eBay you will be able to:

carry all bikes on the roof with the roofbox on the bakrak
carry all bikes on the bakrak (perhaps with support straps to avoid exceeding the tow ball weight limit) and use the roof box on the roof
carry all the bikes on the bakrak thus avoiding having to lift bikes onto the roof of your car


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I was so knackered after one ride that I could not even lift my bike into the back of a mate's car. No way could I have put it up on a rack on the roof of a car!

Apart from that and the noise/fuel consumption issues, I have seen several drivers trash the bikes on roof racks by driving into spaces too low to drive into. It would be so easy to forget that they were there ...


I'll ignore the roof rack question too!

For the reasons mentioned above, Towbar-mounting is definitely the way to go. @Steve H has given me a few lifts to forum rides and his Thule rack is perfect. Here are a couple of pictures ...


That Thule rack is a more expensive, less versatile copy of the bak-rak :smile:


I'm looking at the bak rak but can't see how you attach bikes too it. I can see the pole rak but that's not what I'm looking for
You bolt any generic bike holder to it - like this one for example (nothing specifically good or otherwise about that one - just one of the first that came up on an eBay search - obviously you can also use them on the roof if you want)


My bikes will stay on the roof. Not having them in harms way dangling off the back. What if you get rear ended. Bye bye bike
I don't think the bike would be my major concern. Plus in c.350,000 miles of driving, it hasn't happened to me, thus I conclude that it's quite unlikely.
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