Which Tyres?


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So I have bought a touring bike which seems indestructible, a Fahrrad Manufaktur. However, it has Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 26 tyres on which seem a bit like overkill seeing as I tour mainly on roads and not tracks. Can anyone recommend a different set of tyres, preferably Schwalbe as I have them on a few bikes and have had very few punctures, that will be a bit quicker and just as unlikely to puncture?

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If you really want to change, how about the ordinary Marathons? http://www.schwalbe.com/gb/tour-reader/marathon.html


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My wife and I have had thousands of miles touring with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus. I could not provide a higher recommendation. They are difficult to put on the rim the first time but once there, no problems. You will be able to find some youtube tips for placing on the rim if you need it.


Schwalbe Marathon Plus would be my recommendation too. And they are more than capable of standing up to a bit of offroad abuse too.
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