Which women's specific hybrid?


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Hi gang,

Mrs rb58 has decided she'd like a bike. It'll be for local jaunts, coffee shop trips, light shopping etc. However, it'll also be shared with little Miss rb58 who has ambitions on longer rides. Ultimately a FNRttC. Little Miss rb58 already has a Dawes step through, sit up and beg, shopping bike which is way too heavy for a long ride. So, I'm looking for something much lighter which'll be easier for Mrs rb58 to pedal and fast enough for little Miss rb58 to use on longer rides. Flat bars, not drops. A good range of gears, preferably a triple on the front. Both are the same height - 5'1" and of very similar build so bike fit shouldn't be too much of an issue. Budget is £500. I am happy to consider new or older second hand bikes.

Mrs rb58 has seen and liked the Specialized Vita Elite hybrid. What are the other options do you think?


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The Spesh looks good value, but more importantly Mrs rb58 likes it. Non cyclists don't really want to get bogged down in the tech details like which frame is stiffer or which gears are best, in fact too much info will make the whole thing too complicated and put her off.

She likes the bike and if she's happy after a test ride then go for it.


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got my wife a marin fairfax ,not a ladies specific but she has never rode distance before and does 40 milers within 2 months of starting,and does about100 miles a week no problems with the fit,some good offers out there so will get in your budget,highly recommended


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I have the Vita Elite and can recommend it without reservation. Lovely to ride, fast, light and stable.
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