Who does that?!


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Saw a great bike on Gumtree, good price.

Me: Hi, is it possible to come see this bike and if I like it, buy it tonight?
Seller: Sure, I don't get in till 8:00 though.
Me: Can I come see it at around 8:30? You're only a few miles away.
Seller: Sure, sounds good. See you then.

35 minutes later...

Seller: Hi, I've had a firm offer for the bike. Thanks for your interest'

What? Who arranges a meeting and then cancels out like that? :cursing: I'd gotten all excited, thinking about what I was going to change about the bike and that I was going to make it to the forum ride.


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so not holding it till you get there then

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Thing is, you could have got there and then decided against buying it and the seller could have lost out on a sale to the other interested party.

I suppose the seller could have said that someone else if looking at it first and they would let you know.

Ah, re-read. The seller didn't say that they sold it, just had an offer.

I guess you should still have had an opportunity to see it earlier, say at 8.00.


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I put an ebay watch on a Specialized Secteur road bike that had 8 hours to run with the highest bid being £360- it was easily worth £400+ so I didn't want to bid too early... I'd fired myself up to put in a few bids as the price rose... it was perfect, a 58cm frame 2010 one with 105 bits. Went on ebay to check and saw it had been sold 6 hours before the deadline for £325!! Still don't know how that could happen with the stated latest bid on £360... oh well, next time!

Mind you some of the bikes you see are so stupidly cheap with no information on them.... surely they must be stolen?


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Don't think I'd buy a bike on ebay. Not after the last one! It was only £50 but it made me realise my inability to spot everything that could be wrong with it. I was lucky, everything was fixable but it isn't always. And that's if it isn't nicked..
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