Who's at work on Crimbo?


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I am, and it's not so bad.......

Two and a half pay, taxi to and from work, and an empty office!!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas everybody!


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Not at work myself, I'm having my breakfast cooked for me so I thought I'd take a quick break and pop on here for a minute.

What job do you do Zimmers? Security Guard maybe?

Merry Christmas to you, what time are you knocking off?


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Whohoo, the dash for the cash ahs proved too much and am working tomorrow too, have paid for xmas in a couple of days!


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South Manchester
Does cooking for everybody and in laws and clearing up and washing up..... count... that said, trying the laptop out on a neighbour's unsecured network until my router arrives...heh...heh.....

Kids doing Lego and stuff, watching Shrek 2..... wife gone to bed.... not been too well got the Xmas bug .........


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Not working this year as its now illegal for us to open. Worked about 14 Xmas days over the years good and bad, good we had Xmas dinner in the restaurant finished early or it was quiet and we got away early. Bad they just kept on coming in and we suffered on till we closed.
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