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My LBS knows me and my bikes: I'm a regular.
Took my touring bike into the shop (they've seen it many times before) and asked them to order me a set of straight, carbon bars for it.
They arrive and I'm given a call to come and collect. I arrive with said touring bike, take a look at the bars, compare them to the existing ones and see they're much wider, and so ask LBS to cut about an inch off each end and I pay for them - over £100.

I go back a few days later to collect cut down bars.
Take them home, take everything off old bars and take them out.
Try to insert new bars and to my consternation their bulge is too big for the stem clamp, they won't fit.
I now need a new stem too.

So, should my LBS have checked they ordered the correct size bars before accepting my cash and cutting them down, or, am I liable because I should have known that 31.8 is now the new standard size....apparently?
betty swollocks

betty swollocks

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I am sure the LBS would replace with the correct size as they ordered it based on seeing your bike. Unless you provided the specs.


Took my touring bike into the shop...and asked them to order me a set of straight, carbon bars for it.
Which they didn't do. You did accept the goods though, then authorise the modification, and elect to fit them yourself. Based on your account, I think the fault is about 75/25 LBS/you. A good compromise would be a new stem clamp at cost (or pay them their labour cost to fit the bars to your bike and let them figure out how to achieve it).
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