Who's up watching the Chinese GP?

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Looks like he's on the ball so far. I hope he has to fight for it though.
Pretty dull at first, but a much better second half. Worth getting up early just to see Lewis and McLaren screw up!
Result sets up a decent final round for us to watch. Didn't Alonso clinch championship in Brazil both times? Whinging sod will (hopefully) do it again in 2007.

I would prefer Hamilton to win but have almost had enough of the over enthusiastic publicity and reporting.


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I thought the second half was more boring actually. I thought Raikkonen would win before the weekend. I thought Massa would get Alonso and Kovalainen would get Coulthard but neither materialised.

Brazil should be interesting as it's a track that neither Alonso or Raikkonen have ever performed well on.


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is it me or are (hamilton/button aside) f1 drivers devoid of all personalty. the post race interview is like watching paint dry these days. senna/prost/piquet/mansell and the ilk usually had a (human) winge or moan about something or somebody.

was nice to see hamilton staying in the pits with the team and not buggering off to the rv in a hissy fit.
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