who's watching the footy?

footy? what be that?

the Biathlon was good, another win for Ole Einar.


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Out of jail but not playing. He's still awaiting trial for his <cover_arse>alleged</cover_arse>assault on Dabo last year, never mind this latest bout of busy fists. I think the Dabo trial date was set for the end of June this year.

We were well rid of the g0bsh1te, even for a modest £5.8M.


alecstilleyedye said:
i wouldn't want to be sam aladice's dry cleaner at this point in time :eek:

Do you think he'll be shuffling off to the job centre in the morning, then? If he needs directions, it's here:

Newcastle JobCentre

113 Main Street
BT33 0AE
Telephone: 028 4372 5001
FAX: 028 4372 6302
E-mail: Newcastle.jc@delni.gov.uk Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
How to find us:

Newcastle JobCentre is located in the Main Street in the town.
If you need help locating this office please visit multimap.com:

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Clubs who get through managers at the rate Newcastle do will never win anything. They haven't landed a trophy since 1969 and they want to sack anyone who can't turn them into world beaters in six months.
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