Why are there BMX off road races


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I was always curious about this, but I never found the answer. Originally I only knew freestyle BMX bikes, but then found there are official races offroad. What is the idea behind this? Sounds like racing giro d'italia on downhill MTB.


BMX racing like that was the 'original' BMX (basically it started out as a pedal bike version of motocross racIng) freestyle came about afterwards.


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I used to race BMX on the local built off road dirt track in Australia back in the early eighties. People didn't do silly stunts on them back in the day. As raleighnut says the clue is in the letters BMX. :smile:


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The only racing I have ever done was BMX in the 80s. The days spent at the track with my Mongoose Supergoose an the evenings spent in Casualty waiting to be patched up - I am getting all nostalgic now.


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as a kid we used to sneak onto the BMX track down at Eastway which you would know as the place they built the Olympic stadium on, BMX was always about racing originally and the freestyle came along after.
I remember trying to do various tricks as a kid, even now it's hard to resist a bunny hope be it on my commuter or my MTB, even the other week me and friends were in the forest on the fireroad moving trails and standing up no hands honestly best fun ever ;-)


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used to go Pontin's BMX track a lot in the early 80s to watch the races... and frequently purchased this;

BMX 'racing' was newfangled then, but not now :smile:
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