Why do you cycle commute?


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What drives you to cycle to work most days? For me, even though my daily commute is about 26 miles, it is the quickest, most efficient way of getting to work. It's also enjoyable. I get to work feeling refreshed, and generally chilled out. I don't have to go to the gym, and now that I no longer have to take a laptop to work, a medium size saddle bag with jeans and a t-shirt is all I need. The bus can take ages, and there is 3 of them, and well let's not talk about the car. The weather has been a bit pants lately, so I've been taking the bus more than usual. I miss my cycle commute. So why do you cycle to work?


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I did commute - advantages, cheaper, more reliable - i.e. travel time within 5 minutes of expected time, and easy way to keep fit.

The maniac drivers stopped me commuting after being knocked off about 4 times. Smashed shoulder, followed by minor bruises, followed by broken ribs then finally a badly broken spine and ribs - nearly wheel chair job) - I packed it in as cars hurt, and the psychological impact of a major accident on both myself and family just isn't worth it. I steer clear of road cycling now. Massive shame, but I'm not going through that hell again.


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Given @fossyant, I guess I'm fortunate in living somewhere with cycleways to the town 20mph zone (and rail station) or to low-junction country lanes to another rail station. I do try to keep an eye out at the crossings and we did have a very scary collision a few weeks ago with a motorist jumping the kerb and colliding with someone on the cycleway on a straight bit of road. Grrr.

I cycle commute mainly for my own health, but partly because I feel it's antisocial to poison the air of the town where some of my friends live with exhaust gases and particulates when I've no compelling reason to drive it. The bike is easier and cheaper to park, too.

If I used the bus, I'd have to taxi home sometimes. Or a 90minute walk. No thanks.


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I work from home and do cycle to the post office most days which is work related and am losing weight as a result. Thing is 20 years ago, i never gave it a thought to drive to work and perhaps you might say i was considered a bit of a petrolhead. My dad was a mechanic and i grew around cars, one of my earliest memories was watching my dad work on his lovely red Ford Granada. Nowadays, im conscious of my involvement in climate issues and we've been reducing our car usage to a nearly not used at all status. Like you, ive noticed a general better happiness and clearly im better off and health wise.
As per my thread here covering very similar discussion
Have commuted by bike for coming up 44 years; would miss the exercise, fresh air (generally), extra exercise time (that doesn't impinge on home life), doing my bit for the environment, being quicker across town than in the car, sometimes feeling like a kid again, great way to de-stress before and after work, saves money, and all round general smugness.

Other than that, I have no idea :okay:.


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Physical health and just as importantly mental health.

Driving into London isn't a viable option, although have done so on a motorbike on and off, but these days don't own one. Trains sometimes work, but I couldn't go back to subjecting myself to that everyday - usually late, always overcrowded, guaranteed to catch flu / bugs / colds several times a year - no thanks.

9 years and 32,000 miles of cycle commuting to date. Wouldn't change it unless I really had to.

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I live opposite the station in Amersfoort, Holland, and work in The Hague. There is a direct train that takes just under an hour and I have a free rail pass from work. Instead, I cycle an hour to Utrecht and get the train from there. The train is a lot quieter (it's tricky to get a seat in Amersfoort) and I get to count the roe deer (top score currently seven) and the herons and storks in the fields. On the way back I might just happen to pop into Bert's Beer Store and buy a few things from Belgium or I might stop for a bowl of ramen at a Japanese restaurant or I might take a detour through the woods. An hour each way well spent.


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For exactly all the reasons you give @rivers . However being the hardened long time commuter that I am (On an off since 1982, my current commute I'm now in my 14th year) I do battle through the crappy weather. I just can't be doing busses or trains in the rush hour for what ever reason. I would rather get cold and wet on the bike over those forms of travel to work. In the south east /London the weather is very rarely so bad that you can't ride a bike anyway.


I started bike commuting in London after getting really frustrated with public transport. My first commute was a tricky but I quickly navigated my way to safer, more pleasant routes and really enjoyed rather than endured the commute.
Now I live in a Fine City that is compact enough for cycling to be the best way to get anywhere. If I need to haul more than a trailer load I hire a car club vehicle.
Cycle commuting is my default setting, daily excercise, fresh air, me time, money saver.
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