Why don't people have their drops at a useable height?

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Drops for better control through tight bends, and for aerodynamic advantage into a headwind or when a bit of speed is required. And for a change of position on a long ride. I have specific shallow randonnée-style drops on the touring bikes.

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I ride on the drops if I'm pushing in to a headwind to get back on the group or a wheel.

I'll also use the drops when descending as I like to get as low as possible to lower my centre of gravity. I feel this gives me greater stability. When using rim brakes I want to be able to hold the whole lever, makes no difference with disc brakes.
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Despite big hands, I can barely reach the shifters on the drops, certainly not enough to apply much braking pressure. I'm sure there are fixes but I've never felt the need to seek them out.


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So I can understand their thought processes in case I can learn from them.
Just do what works for you?
If you're wanting to race, get a coach?
Personally I don't find it comfortable and it doesn't give me the same view of the road that I need as much of my cycling is in traffic or at least on busy roads. Hoods for me or tops with cross lever brakes in traffic


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I have flared drops on my Genesis and use them more than when on any of my other bikes. They are comfy.


Everyone is obviously different as my drops are at a useable height but I do choose carefully when I use them as I don't feel particularly in control on a very steep descent much preferring the hoods for more stability and feel. Powering on trying to get out the wind or picking up the pace, I get on the drops on my flared bars which are super comfortable. As an aside, even on the hoods, I now ensure my hands are side on facing each other as opposed to gripping from above which is probably what everyone does but I've only recently learned that position alleviates a lot of hand discomfort.
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