Why is it called 'pushbike'?

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'cos you push on the pedals?


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I always thought it was because of the old Boneshaker bikes that you pushed along with your feet, before pedals were invented.


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It was the Hobby Horse , correct. It was pushed using the feet pushing it along, I would have to read into it again but it was gone almost as quickly as it arrived, lasted around 2 years sometime around 1840 I think, then the likes of Kirkpatrick Macmillan played around and put a crank/pedals system on it and the then Pedal Cycle developed from there, and was hence forth not a push cycle any longer. The term push bike is deemed as an insult to cyclists by many, a term which I don't use myself and pull many people up about, pointing out that I have a pedal cycle and the push bike disappeared around 150 years ago.


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Odd, I always thought they were called safety bicycles. :whistle:

This was the hobby horse

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