wierd one last night

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How much does it cost to Oldham?
In the space of 200 yerds I had:

1/. John Thompson (of the fast show and latterly coronation street) Cleaning up what remained of his headlamp with a dustpan and brush outside his house.

and 2/. Some dude on a commencal randomly pull the front brake for no apparent reason (there was noone else around at this point) and do a insta-somersault over the handlebars right in front of me and land like a sack of spuds. (I stopped to make sure he was OK, before you start).

What next?


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I'd have stopped by John Thomson and given him a "Niiiice!" or "GrrrrEAT" (a la his Jazz Club character Louis!)


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Lol reminds me of the Father Ted episode when they see the guy from One Foot in the Grave..."he'll love this"

I havnt seen anyone famous or any humorous incidents on my travels yet - i guess my face after riding up the only hill in hertfordshire is pretty priceless mind you for the other road users!!:tongue:
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