Wiggins Team to finish.

Another one bites the dust ….


Wiggins seems okay with it coming to an end. He reckons that it has just come to a natural conclusion.


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A former workmate of mine had a job with them as a mechanic, he'll be gutted.
Lad from my club was on the team as a rider. He’s good but tbh probably not quite good enough to get picked up by a bigger team. Could be his pro career over before it’s really begun.

david k

North West
Is this his character? Try something then move on when it's does t quite work out?

Or as already said Is it lack of sponsorship?

Just seems s little odd if your fully committed to finally walk away....

rich p

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Listening to him on the ES podcast he explains his reasons. The stress of finding sponsors every year, needing a lot of extra work and money to move up a level and that he wants to pursue other interests in the sport.
It's a good listen anyway and he and Matt Stephens are both funny and insightful
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