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England : North Yorkshire Wiggle Ay Up

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by SirDickieBird, 1 Oct 2017.

  1. SirDickieBird

    SirDickieBird Active Member

    First Wiggle event yesterday - was surprised how many were there and how far afield they'd come from.

    Enjoyed the day and was well-organised. The set-off system was good as was a bit concerned I'd be waiting ages in a "pen" but was good.

    Course - probably not that hilly for a sportive but std took in 3 main climbs including White Horse with some 25% bits. Local area for me so knew 80% of it well and had ridden before but good fun being in a group and being able to compare to others (especially when they're walking up the hill and you're not - good motivation not to stop I find!)

    Only issue - stuck my timing chip to my brand-new Giro helmet!