1. youngoldbloke

    cancelled Wiggle heads-ups

    After receiving today's Wiggle heads-up I've finally cancelled my email alerts. They used to be the go-to company for clothing parts and accessories but in recent times I've bought hardly anything from them. They seem to be determined to push their clothing prices higher with every new season's...
  2. ianrauk

    Wiggle / Hermes

    So here's a good story for you. I ordered a bottom bracket from Wiggle only the other day. As usual I got the emails saying dispatched. Then another saying it had been delivered by Hermes on Sunday. The delivery address was to my place of work. If the office is not open then the concierge signs...
  3. N

    Wiggle +

    Trying to buy something from Wiggle today and I decided I couldn't wait for free delivery. £4.99 for next day delivery, but then I spotted an offer called Wiggle+ A £9.99 payment gives next day delivery for a year. Probably a bit of good markreting by Wiggle, as it will tie people in. I sort of...
  4. S

    I liked this from Wiggle.

  5. Pedropete

    Wiggle: anyone else having issues with delayed refunds?

    Returned some DHB bibs to Wiggle three weeks ago - in packaging, with tags, obviously not worn in use etc. etc. - and still not had a refund. They received them on 14th and subsequent emails advised a refund within seven days, then, when that didn't happen they promised 14 days, now still no...
  6. W

    Wiggle £30 voucher

    Have a voucher but don't need anything. Wondering if anybody is making an order wants it for face value
  7. NorthernDave

    England : North Yorkshire Wiggle Ay Up! Sportive 7th Oct 2018

    I'm going for the triple of Wiggle Yorkshire Sportives for the first time this year and have just signed up for this one https://www.ukcyclingevents.co.uk/events/wiggle-ay-up-yorkshire-sportive/ Anyone else taking part? I've signed up for the 'Standard' route at 55 miles / 3,254ft climbing...
  8. bikingdad90

    Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Wiggle

    :highfive: a big hello to whoever passed me today with cyclechat bib tights and a black/blue waterproof about 20 miles in today? You passed me with a group of other cyclists. I was on the only black/green Boardman CX that I saw today with yellow waterproof jacket!
  9. C

    Wiggle High 5 to probably fold

    This appears to be a bit of a blow to the women's world tour as Wiggle is a major team with a proper rider set up and salaries. The team is run by Rochelle Gilmore who built it from nothing but it looks like the pressure of running it has got to the stage where she needs to step away. It's not...
  10. bikingdad90

    Loot from wiggle

    My kind ex colleagues got me a £50 wiggle voucher as a leaving present. I don’t need any gps technology as I am sorted on that front. I am stocked up on consumables and I don’t need tyres. I like value for money, good quality and subtle branding so CC crowd what should I spend the voucher on as...
  11. e-rider

    Wiggle down the pan

    I've been a good Wiggle customer since 2004/05. In that time I've seen prices rise and standards fall. However, they still seemed better than the rest so I continued to use them. Over the past 6 months though they have hit new lows. One order contained a box with a used random part inside - the...
  12. Nyooome-nore

    England : Dorset Wiggle Bournemouth Sportive.

    Anyone else going to the sportive with the most deceiving logo? The missus and I are going to be taking in the short and regular respectively. https://www.ukcyclingevents.co.uk/events/wiggle-bournemouth-sportive/
  13. ianrauk

    Haribo in your Wiggle order?

    Pffft.... this is what you get when you order a ton of office supplies.
  14. jowwy


    Cant order what i want due to wiggle not updating the sales pages....... Anyone else having issues??
  15. bikingdad90

    Wiggle Durham Dynamo 2018.

    Anyone doing the Wiggle Super Series: Durham Dynamo sportive on 13th May 2018? It is my first Wiggle sportive and wondering what to expect. I have done a few Velo29 ones so expecting the same numbers and flexibility unlike the Prudential Ride London.
  16. BoldonLad

    In praise of Wiggle (and Hermes)

    I ordered a bicycle light set (front/rear) from Wiggle. Not an expensive item (£18 Cateye job). It arrived, next day, (post free). I was not in, but, courier (Hermes) left it in previously agreed "safe place". Unfortunately, when I opened the package to fit the lights on my wife's bicycle, I...
  17. S

    Wiggle - poor service

    I bought a present for my wife's birthday from Wiggle last week, and it was due to be delivered tomorrow. Just had an email advising that they've got a problem with their systems and they can't fulfil the order which has now been cancelled. They confirm that they will refund my money (how...
  18. SirDickieBird

    England : North Yorkshire Wiggle Ay Up

    First Wiggle event yesterday - was surprised how many were there and how far afield they'd come from. Enjoyed the day and was well-organised. The set-off system was good as was a bit concerned I'd be waiting ages in a "pen" but was good. Course - probably not that hilly for a sportive but std...
  19. SirDickieBird

    Wiggle Sportive Times

    Does anyone know how they work out the timings for the Gold/Silver/Bronze "certificates" on these events? Just wondering if they bore any relationship to any "standards" or just made up by Wiggle to make people seem like they're getting more for their money...
  20. Okeydokey

    Wiggle this

    Tale of forlorn consumer but this can't be true? Ordered a turbo trainer from the aforementioned, look how bad it can get! The product stickers are plastered over the inside packaging, well we can deal with that but is this Italian engineering at its best? There is tolerance and tolerance :)
  21. CycleChat

    GT Grade AL CX (Rival - 2017) Cyclocross Bike £1,274.99 @ Wiggle - Save 25%

    Aluminium grade frame with CX specific geometry Full carbon fork SRAM Rival 1x11 drivetrain SRAM hydraulic disc brakes GT finishing kit Vittoria XG 33c tyres http://www.wiggle.co.uk/gt-grade-al-cx-rival-2017-cyclocross-bike/
  22. CycleChat

    Offer: GT Traffic 3.0 (2017) Hybrid Bike £337.49 @ Wiggle

    GT Triple Triangle 6061 Alloy commuter Frame Shimano Tourney 3x7 Drivetrain Promax Mechanical Disc Brakes Innova LandTracker tyres GT All Terra finishing kit http://www.wiggle.co.uk/gt-traffic-30-2017-hybrid-bike/
  23. AyJay

    Wiggle Lifeline Tyres

    I have just fitted these........................ http://www.wiggle.co.uk/lifeline-prime-armour-road-tyre/ Very happy with them. I completed a 40 mile ride today and found them a lot smoother and comfortable than my previous tyres (700 - 25) these are 700 - 28. Still riding at 100 psi. I didn't...
  24. Rooster1

    Wiggle slow!

    Ordered 2 items (in stock Monday 9:26 am) Packed Notification, Thursday 3pm! Four days to go from order to packing. CRAP
  25. MPChurch

    Wiggle LifeLine Tools

    Has anyone used these new lifeline tools from Wiggle?? Are they any good?? I'm particularly interested in the torque wrench set for £25. Thoughts?
  26. mrbikerboy73

    Wiggle Southdowns Epic Deer Crash

    Anyone do the Wiggle Southdowns Epic MTB form Fontwell last Sunday? Had a great day but my mate had a slight mishap. Luckily he was ok! Enjoy! :laugh::laugh::laugh: View: https://youtu.be/a07sV453Qaw
  27. sarahale

    Wiggle work from home

    Hi, anyone doing this? Or done it before. I've entered the epic route but haven't done as much training as I would like due to surgery. Just wondering how hard it is? I'm mainly concerned because you only get about 5.5 hours to complete. Thanks.
  28. B

    Wiggle doubled the postage threshold

    Just been on Wiggle and discovered you now need to spend £20 instead of £10 to get free postage. It's a shame because I like shopping at Wiggle but they've just made their competition cheaper.
  29. N

    LifeLine Ergonomic Grip from Wiggle

    Anybody given it a whirl? Guessing it's unique to Wiggle, as I can't find any other suppliers. Wondering if it's a nice little bargain, or cheap and nasty? http://www.wiggle.co.uk/lifeline-ergonomic-handlebar-grip-with-clamp/
  30. e-rider

    Wiggle and Evans significantly increase postage for low value orders

    perhaps this will give the smaller companies a chance to grow, or maybe not, if they only get new customers that place small orders!
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