Halfords & Wiggle - seriously WTF?


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I placed an online order on Tuesday (its now Friday) for some chain lube and a gear cleaning brush and something else bike related. Online store stock check was confirmed and I selected the same store for which, I had checked stock.

2 days later still no text message to state I can collect. I called the store yesterday several times to no avail. I got through this morning and spoke to a staff member.

He stated that the stock level online refers to their warehouse and not the store itself so its misleading and many people have been caught out in the same way. He also advised the chain lube they have not had in stock for ages and it will probably be middle of next week before the lube arrives. I said thanks for confirming and proceeded to cancel the order.

(In hasty desperation I got the lube I wanted from Merlin and paid the extra for delivery. It was 4:30pm when I placed the order as well the time they state their phones lines are off which meant that there was no chance of placing an order by phone. I paid extra for Saturday delivery thinking they would process the order today but, it was shipped last night, so +1 to Merlin).


Bought a set of wheels which very quickly began to cause concern. Wiggle were emailed and within a couple of days they replied back with an email, stating a case ID and detailing the return process. Wheels sent back and I got the usual return tracking updates.

However, for 2 weeks now, there has been no update on the status of the return (e.g. replacement/refund etc). Online chat does not work and neither is there a phone number. Approximately 6 chase up emails I have sent over the past 2 weeks, stating the case ID and that I'd appreciate some communication but, I have heard nothing.

After this, I'm done with Wiggle. In the event of things going wrong they seem useless and for such a big etailer, to not even have a f*cking instant chat function that works is shocking when at the very least such, a sizeable company should have functional phone lines.


Are there not laws and regulations in place about treating customers fairly and being transparent and that companies should be penalised for being such pains the @rse?

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If such things stress you so badly perhaps you should go the the shop, select the items from the shelf and only hand over the cash once the stuff is physically in your possession?


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I've had similar with Halfords.
Placed an online order, before lockdown, and went to collect item. They had one in stock when I ordered.

Turns out the one in stock was the display item and they are not allowed to sell that one. No one could tell me why stock levels showed items that were not available for sale.

Store agreed that it was p1ss poor service and suggested I complained to HO. I did, and they referred me back to the store to sort the complaint out.


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I think loads of stuff is on a go-slow, not confirming stock etc. I sent a hard drive back to e-buyer using Collect Plus (dropped off at a collection point) - it was collected last Friday, and still is 'en-route' to ebuyer. I thought I had loads of time, but daughter's birthday is just 6 days away now !


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With Halfords, I drove to 2 stores, only to find a huge queue and all looking quite organised. One the basis there was quite a substantial queue, I asked some folks queuing and they advised you have to order online and then collect same day. You can't go in and look. No problem with that, so I went home and made my order. Store showed stock, gave it a couple of days before trying to get in touch with the store to ask why I haven't had confirmation to collect items that were shown in stock. Not really fussed about this but, the store stock checker may well catch others out too hence mentioning it.

My main gripe is Wiggle. No communications, no way of contacting them. :cursing:

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My new mantra for on-line ordering is only to use companies that have a phone number. Agree, the chat thing is often quite useless. Emails have worked but it takes a few days for a response.
However, I don't think anybody in the cycle world saw this extreme level of demand coming so there are shortages in supply chains and working with social distancing adds to the difficulties in service provision.
But yes, where you can, support your local bike shops and small independent online retailers with phone-lines, there are plenty about.

The above also applies to Books, CD's etc....quit amazon and find the small guys.
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One the basis there was quite a substantial queue, I asked some folks queuing and they advised you have to order online and then collect same day.
I didn't know about the pre order thing, I joined the queue very close to closing time, as I got close to the front I realised people were collecting pre orders, when asked by the assiatant for my order number, I told him I had not pre ordered but wanted a gear cable inner, which he went and got for me, so happy with their service.
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Re the BOGOF discounted High 5 offer Halfords did a few weeks back the store did phone me to say they had none of the Cherry/Orange that I had ordered but did have Berry and Citrus and swopped the order without me having to do anything further. Suppose like all big chains it comes down to the attitude of the staff at the local branch and to date I have had no problems; they have even done mechanicals free of charge.


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Ordered online at Halfords on Wednesday at 13:20.
Delivered to my doorstep on Thursday at 09:22.

They'll do for me.


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I’ve had perfectly good service from CRC (I always choose over Wiggle even though same company), Merlin, Sigma, Amazon. Returns maybe take a little longer and hence refunds, but not an issue.
if I need something swiftly, I‘ll just shop local as I did with a pair of pedals (turns out they were no more expensive than online)


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did a next day delivery from wiggle as i wanted parts to finish my build, it turned up 2 days late .
I emailed them and they refunded delivery charges , i cant blame them as it was the courier that was slow but given how things are i was just glad i got parts at all.


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I have just spoken to Citizens advice, given them a time line of events and they have advised I write Wiggle a formal letter.

Does anyone have a formal address or telephone number for Wiggle as I cannot find anything on their site?
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