Wild swimming in Kent


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It's maybe not the kind of thing you're looking for OMG but I'd steer clear of pits or lakes unless they're used for sports...we just had a poor 20 year old Lithuanian guy drown in one local to us. These kind of waters are scary to me.

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Coast line near to you with free parking: Littlestone (New Romney, near the brick built water tower)
Fisherman's Beach, Hythe (parking meters along Princes Parade).
Best to go over the high tide +/- 2 hours to avoid a variety of mud, rocks and very shallow water.
Most of the fresh water in the area is not free flowing so is not safe to swim in due to weil's disease and other nasties.
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[QUOTE 5305834, member: 21629"]I doubt if I could do the same in the middle of London in Thames.[/quote]

Not so long ago, it would have been a serious health risk. But they’ve cleaned it up in recent years and now lots of people do swim in it, eg at Gabriel’s Wharf on the South Bank.

[ETA: just checked this and apparently you need permission from the PLA to swim in the Thames between Putney and Crossness. Maybe it’s paddling only at Gabriel’s Wharf.]

And again - LT law says cycling in motorways is forbidden but lots of people cycle there using hard shoulder and nobody cares. Police have never fined or even stopped anybody. Now think about cycling in UK motorways ...
Cycling on a UK motorway would be an exceptionally stupid thing to do. Unless you’re suicidal.

I would happily jump into our local Singleton lake but for some reason swimming is not allowed here.
Probably because it’s a privately owned fishing lake.
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