1. Paul_Smith SRCC

    Viking Coastal Trail; Kent

    Viking Coastal Trail; Kent. The Viking Coastal Trail is a circular route on the 'Isle of Thanet' in Kent, focusing on a costal course from 'Cliffsend' right through to 'Reculver' taking in the popular resorts of Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate; with a cross country section to make this a...
  2. Yellow Fang

    People of Kent

    Do you recognise yourself from this description? The most civilised of all these nations are they who inhabit Kent, which is entirely a maritime district, nor do they differ much from the Gallic customs. Most of the inland inhabitants do not sow corn, but live on milk and flesh...
  3. Oldhippy

    Castle tour of Kent.

    I'm tentatively in the early stages of a camping tour visiting all the castles in Kent dependent on the plague in July and August perhaps.
  4. Dogtrousers

    Route planning in Kent

    Kent has plenty of great cycling. Lots of hills, mainly of the short & sharp kind, and plenty of flatlands. I just came across a useful online route planning resource. Although the mapping may be slightly out of date. The first ever OS map was “An Entirely New & Accurate Survey Of The...
  5. s7ephanie

    Kent routes

    Hi, Im moving back to UK in December and the only thing bothering me is the amount of traffic on the roads, i will be living in Keston Kent, does anybody know of safe routes around that area please? I shall miss cycling here in France but I just cant afford to live here now that family have...
  6. Ganymede

    Cyclists in Kent, please help me with village shop and cafe feedback

    I haven't posted for a long time, partly because I've not been able to cycle through injury. However, I am back in the saddle, but also saddled with an interesting task - our village shop closed rather suddenly, and we are researching the idea of a community shop and cafe to replace it. We are...
  7. gazza81

    Edenbridge kent

    New to the area, picking up a bike on the weekend and wondering if anyone around the area has any good routes i could steal from them as i dont know the area at all. Lots of country lanes and hills so i dont want to get stuck somewhere i dont know! Probably start out with 10/15 miles if anyone...
  8. rich p

    Man of Kent (and woman)...

    Don't call me a Kent, you Kent I'm about to book a long weekend in Kent as it's somewhere different and not a long drive for me. A friend suggested the Isle of Thanet for a change. Margate, Ramsgate etc. Turner Gallery, pubs, coastline... Someone else said we'd be better off in Canterbury or...
  9. Fab Foodie

    Archaelogical find discovered on Kent beach....

    Found today thanks to a low-low tide between Kingsdown and St Margarets bay.... Thought to be a neolithic Brooks B17....
  10. booze and cake

    London to Aylesham (Kent)

    Good afternoon folks, I've got to go to Aylesham from London and thought I'd make a day of it and cycle there. Does anyone have any GPX routes to there they could share please? Alternatively any good routes from London out to Canterbury/Dover/Deal or any other nearby places that I can look at...
  11. U

    Wild swimming in Kent

  12. Martin Rees

    Touring from Kent to Pembrokeshire

    Hi Everyone So it’s been a while since I have been on here and likewise a long time since I have done any real cycling. to motivate myself I have decided to tour from Maidstone in Kent to the Marloes in Pembrokeshire in September. I will be camping along the way and carrying everything on...
  13. Lavender Rose

    England : Kent Kent Pootle - Thursday 14th September

    Hi guys Not sure if anyone is up for an afternoon cycle...nothing massive....just don't want to go alone! @Salty seadog @User21629 @All the gear no idea
  14. mmmmartin

    Bike orienteering in Kent, August 19 Saxons is a pretty well organised club, this might appeal to locals. I'll be doing it I think.
  15. Lavender Rose

    Charlotte's Magical Cruise - 13th May 2017

    Hello guys. I have been thinking about planning a route for a while. I have a nice one planned, similar to the Ashford to Rye route that was done last year, I thoroughly enjoyed it - although now I am much fitter! I am posting this as a feeler for interest, the date can be flexible, would just...
  16. S

    England : Kent Spring Ride -The Harbours of Kent - Saturday 6th May 2017

    How about a social ride along the mainly traffic free route from Whitstable to Ramsgate ,taking in the harbour views of Whitstable ,Herne Bay ,Margate and ,Ramsgate . . Distance about 27 miles . The subject is thrown open for discussion ,folks . A bit of the scenery on...
  17. Salty seadog

    recommend me some trails in SE Kent

    So a few of us are doing some regular off road rides and I'm looking for suggestions of places to go. Not official trail centres as we know about those. I know of Barham and Perry wood in the Canterbury area. Ideally somewhere we will not be frowned upon for riding.
  18. BikeGirlKent

    Hello from Kent

    Hi everyone, really enjoying the chat with other cyclists and getting some great input already! Im quite new to riding, and its a big passion of mine, still lots to learn but eager!!
  19. Trickedem

    Thames Crossing Kent to Essex

    Highways England are consulting over so called 'Option C' a crossing from Kent into Essex. My view which is disputed by the Highway Engineers involved is that the needs of cyclists and pedestrians have not been considered. There is a fighting chance that if you express a view they may add some...
  20. Salty seadog

    Tell me about Bedgebury park in Kent

    Morning all, Have the opportunity to ride here this week, does anyone have any experience or advice for this trail centre. Im looking at probably the red route trail. No idea what to expect really, I don't normally ride off road but have used a local trail trail a couple of times. My bike is...
  21. mark_gilmour

    Hello from Sittingbourne, Kent

    Afternoon all . like thousands at this time of year I'm looking to get fitter. After spending 8 months doing spin class (and enjoying it) the old bike has been fixed up and I'm braving the elements once more . Would like to buddy up with a group/individual in the area for rides in the evening or...
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