Wilier Mortirolo vs Condor Squadra

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Opinions please, I am trying to decide between these bikes but can't make my mind up.Strengths of Condor would be custom built to fit, not sure about the Wilier it's just looks the dogs, IMO.

Tim Bennet.

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I've been impressed with the Wiler Mortirolo.

Unless you are of a really freakish size, there's no reason why an off the peg frame shouldn't fit you as well as any 'made to measure'. I often wonder why people have made to measure frames done that end up being exactly the same dimensions as a one ready made.

The key is to get a proper measurement and fitting. An honest shop will tell you if any particular frame can be made to give you a perfect fit. If you're anywhere near the NW (or on a train line) then Paul Hewitt Cycles can be relied apon to do just this.


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I don't have the Condor, although I did see one whizz past me in Sundays Sportive White Horses Challenge, however I do own a rather lovely Wilier Mortirolo with a full Centaur gruppo, and cannot recommend it highly enough:biggrin:
The bike is comfortable to ride, the Camapg stuff is just a joy, perfect gear changes, er <ahem> a VERY noisy freehub which always gets comments from fellow club members, you certainly cannot creep up on someone whilst not pedalling!!:biggrin:

I would say go for the Wilier, but I am slightly biased, wait a bit longer (if you can) and there may be some deals about as mine cost me £1,699, well worth the money, but if you can get it cheaper good luck.

And, yes it certainly is the dogs danglies!
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