Will a Bar Bag turn me into a girl?

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The Allez is currently on full time commuter duty , in fact its on everything duty . I have fitted my panniers take it to the shop, commute to work and just remove the panniers occasionally to further my growing time trial obsession.

I find though that I really would like some removable storage on the handlebars some thing to put my wallet, keys , phone , mobile and and passes etc. Its a bit of a bind having to decant everything when I get to work or anywhere. It seems fine so far and maybe one of those compact ortlieb jobs will fit the bill.

Trouble is , having all my stuff in a small compact clutch bag is so close to carrying a handbag it worries me slightly. In time will my wife leave me for a real non handbag carrying man and I will be become known as "that man who lives on his own" or maybe just transform into a Jennifer or Susan:ohmy: all for the sake of a handy storage device.

Presuming my worries are unfounded or I just shouldnt fight them anyway. Does anyone have any recomendations for a compact bar bag which fits 31.8 bars taking up minimal bar space is good quality and is as manly as possible?
Failing that one that comes with matching shoes.:blush:

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Well Jennifer, or is it Susan ? I'd get yourself a bar bag, if anyone takes the micheal, least you've got something to hit them with (and I can lend you a very fetching pair of size eight pink stilletos if you want)!


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Just wondering if I could get shirt and trousers into a 7L bag, instead taking panniers to work everyday:idea::blush:
I have a bar bag, they are great - and yes I do look like a girl carrying it - but I AM. Mines's a Topeak one, it doesn't look like a handbag (or no handbag I would buy!). Maybe one with a shoulder strap would be less girly? Or maybe not - it all depends how you carry it :-)


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If you really do worry about looking a little silly then there is one alternative which will not dent your masculine credentials and that is a triathlon bar bag like this.

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I use a Fox Racing Inc, Motocross backpack for commuting and find it very good. It's not too heavy and will carry most things I need on normal days. You don't have to worry then about taking it off the bike whenever you stop for anything or go into the office. On the occassional days that I have some extra load to carry I just use a bigger back pack. My commute is 24K each way so it's not too far for the bag be a drag on the back muscles!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I ride with just a bar bag on my normal loop. It has room for my phone, tools, spare tubes and wallet etc. I dont give a flying f&$k what people think I look like...but then again i am in touch with my feminine side:biggrin:
Depends on the bag!

Ortleib are sufficiently Macho to solve the problem.

They also have a map cover on, and this is important as no woman would be seen with a map!

(Cringes in corner awaiting militant feminist response!)
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