Wiltshire Cyclist Down


I was right about that saddle
That is awful. I hope the situation improves for the rider.
A bit of a mystery
Yeah, one that will probably not be solved, even if the rider makes a full recovery. People tend to lose the minutes before an accident like this. My friend who was doored doesn't remember the crash at all, except for the single image of an open car door. She's not sure if she imagined it.

But it's a common sort of single-car accident in places with long straight roads. Maybe the rider was focusing on his speed, head down, looked up and saw a lorry that he assumed was on the road ahead and travelling at the speed limit then looked back down.

Whatever happened, I hope he makes a swift recovery.


Hope he recovers.

Its a known danger with TT riders and the bars when they practice by themselves especially on long stretches of the road with head down. 4 pm should have been bright though.

Phil Fouracre

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Sad story. Perhaps it's just me, but, loads of people criticise drivers for SMIDSY comments. Now we have a reverse situation. Trouble is the lorry is 'slightly' larger than a bike
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