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With the weather deteriorating fast, I am seriously thinking of putting away, in the warmth, my summer bikes and start using my winter designated bike ( Specialized Allez) as from tomorrow if it doesn't rain.
When do you intend to do the same?

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Last month or so has had crappy weather. Filthy and wet bikes. The summer bike has been away a while now.

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I feel the need to add to the previous post.... They are just bikes!
They are. But it's much more pleasant riding in the wet with proper mudguards and disc brakes that work better in the wet.

Nothing to say the summer bike won't be out again if it's a nice day.


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I've been using my winter commuter for about a month, primarily because Leeds City Council hasn't swept any of the cycle lanes in the past 18 months from looking at them.

I don't have a winter road bike any more, so will use the winter commuter with road tyres instead of cross tyres when not commuting.


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. I use a bike with mudguards and disc brakes all year round.
Me too


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This is the UK we are talking about. I use a bike with mudguards and disc brakes all year round.
And me. I also use bikes without mudguards & rim brakes all year round - when it's dry. There's also a couple which can be with or without mudguards depending on the conditions. No such thing as winter or summer bikes here.


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I think It's a bit more nuanced than just a bikes with mudguards vs bikes without mudguards thing. More a matter of bikes you don't want to suffer a load of wear & tear & cosmetic deterioration on, and bikes you simply don't worry about either because they were dirt cheap or you just don't happen to like them that much.
None of mine cost me much at all, but what I consider to be my "good" bikes are never intentionally ridden in bad weather (mudguards are for just in case I get caught out), left in dodgy locations, or generally abused.
So I don't have winter bikes as such, just hack bikes.
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