"winter" riding

yikes, you have my sympathies, that's no short walk. I know the area & north into Westchester pretty well myself. we should cherish our favorable memories. these are the good old days, right?
Great times I saw so much everyday as i do now in the UK whilst riding everyday, 5 years ago i took the ex-wife (not ex at the time) and a couple of our friends for a long weekend in Manhatten in two days we walked 45 miles, ate and drank soooo much it was amazing, cold Nov. but clear blue skies the while time, I was able to take them all to some of my favourite places to eat, we walked the highline and stumbled across death avenue, wow! now that place is worth visiting the USA for on its own, the owner couldnt have been more friendly, we sat at the bar all day eating his amazing creations and drinking his own cocktails & micro brewery beers.

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