Wish me luck...

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Bourne End, UK
Riding down to Portsmouth tomorrow, for a ferry to Saint Malo and from thence Barcelona, with any luck, before hopefully finishing somewhere in Provence.

Just checking everything for the nth time at the moment, printing maps and... what am I doing here??? Think I'll go degrease the chain again. :eek:


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Good luck redfox! Let us know how it goes. I love Barcelona, never ridden there though. Enjoy. :eek:
Where are you heading from.

There is a reasonable off road, cycle track with only two "chicanes" that avoids both the main roads from Cosham down to the ferry port.

If you want details, reply and I will post them.

Edited - Useless post really, should have checked date! By the time this went up you were probably already in Portsmouth!
Try and avoid the centre of Barcelona: there's millions of traffic lights.
Good luck and have a great time.
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