Wobbly bottom bracket

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Headgardener, 26 Jun 2008.

  1. Hi. The bottom bracket axle on my Sarecen Compass has a decidedly unhealthy amount of movement if the cranks are pushed or pulled, i.e about a 1/16 inch. Could it mean a new botom bracket or would it just need tightening up. Any advice would be helpful:becool:.
  2. rustychisel

    rustychisel Well-Known Member

    Without knowing the specific BB or bike, tightening up is the likely cure. I assume you mean movement laterally, ie from left to right across the BB shell when you kneel next to the bike. In which case check for movement of the cups (either side), being the bearing shells which screw into the frame itself. Movement in the cups can often be better detected by resting a finger on the cup as you wobble the cranks with the other hand. Anyway, either this - or the actual cranks bolted onto the centre spindle - are the most likely culprits, but get it seen to smartish.
    Doing nothing will (in the first case) bugger your frame, and (in the second instance) probably bugger your cranks.
    Either is a relatively easy diagnosis and fix.
  3. OP

    Headgardener Armchair Cyclist

    Thanks rustychisel. I had stopped riding it anyway as soon as I noticed this movment and as my mechanicing skills only strech at the moment to basic repairs it will mean a trip to my LBS soon.
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