Women's Touring bikes


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My fiance's bike has gone west on us (it was jayclock's old Falcon Westminster), no matter how much we tightened the back axle it would slip and the wheel would foul the chainstays.
Not only that but she now agrees that she needs a bigger bike.

Can anyone suggest a good cheap tourer with a mid-sized frame (I'm guessing 21") but a relatively short top tube.

I'm going to get her to try a Revolution Country Traveller because she likes the interrupter brakes and it's a good price for the quality I think. Further, it looks like a compact frame with a very adjustable seatpost!

How do I get in contact with Orbit cycles about their Ventura tourers given that their phone number is dead?


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Office hours: 9.30am - 5.45pm
Orders received before 1PM shipped same day

Unit 2, 59 Breck Lane, Sheffield, S25 2LJ
t: 01909 560631

e: sales@orbit-cycles.co.uk
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