Wood for the trees...which bike???


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Am hoping someone can help me a little...am taking advantage of my company's cycle to work scheme. I have a commute of around 10 miles which is both on the road and also towpaths - probably 70% road....

I am guessing the best type of bike for me would be a hybrid, but there seems to be so much choice, my budget is up to £500 - would anyone have any good recommendations or also models/makes to avoid!

I basically have this month to settle on a model and would really appreciate some pointers before I make a terrible mistake!



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A little bit more expensive is the Specialized Tricross a friend has one and is very impressed with it as a great do-anything-go-anywhere machine. This Raleigh is also at a bargain price. Any cyclocross bike would be quick on towpaths and rapid enough on the road plus they usually come with rack and mudguard mounts.


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Go for a hybrid if speed isn't too much of a concern. Hub gears require little maintenance and not the same fiddling as dérailleurs.
Me, I have a speed problem - I have to chase the man in front, so got a road bike for the same sort of work.


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I have just got one of these


Rugged enough for off road but also seems to cope well on roads. Not the lightest, depends whether you want speed or better stability around towpaths and potholes!

I got it for £500 through cycle to work with new grips, lights, a bell and a bottle cage through local friendly retailer with Halfords vouchers.

I also have a much lighter Trek 7.3 hybrid with skinnier tyres, but wanted something for slippery days too. The Trek is a good, light bike and I would buy it again ;)

http://www.sunsetmtb.co.uk/shop/index.php?product_id=1274&category_id=80 (2010 Men's version)

I liked the Marin Larkspur too, just too similar to the Trek really but worth a look as more knobbly tyres (bit cheaper so you could get more kit if needed from your budget)


I looked at all the options and kept coming back to the Specialized as meeting my needs.

Where do you live and whose vouchers do you have?
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