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Best way to murder someone you dislike methinks.

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Sentencing guidelines are the problem here.

The judge has to first look at guidelines for the offence.

Most unlikely he's cocked that up, so they give him six months.

The judge then has to look at general guidelines that apply to all offences.

These say that any sentence capable of suspension should be suspended.

It's a bit more nuanced than that, but the result is the majority of sentences of under about a year are suspended.


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I seen this and was going to right a post about it. It is ridiculous that the result of one persons actions can kill an innocent person and the only punishment is a 2year driving ban.
It’s always the case in these scenarios though that a driver get a minimal sentence. Verdicts like this really don’t send out the message that cars are very easily killing machines in the wrong hands or if not paying full attention.


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A scandalous verdict for a dreadful crime.
I wonder if the leniency shown had anything to do with the fact that he was driving a VERY expensive car ???
It was his wife's Boxster, he had a Passat. I would not call a Boxster a 'VERY expensive car'. I doubt the judge took the cost of the car into consideration at all.
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