Workstands for carbon bikes


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Hi everyone

I'm after some advice please. I'd like to buy a workstand do more of my own mechanics on my bike. However, when looking at Wiggle to see what's available it says "Do not clamp around the frame tubes on carbon frames". Can anyone recommend a stand for a carbon bike?




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Get yourself a cheap seat post.


I have a cheapo Decathlon stand, the bike sits in a groove and is secured by a thing like a giant electrical tie. I don't think that would break any carbon frame, esp if you put a rag round it.
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Or an expensive one. Just be sensible with the clamping force, and when doing something that need a lot or torque, say BB cups, get someone to support the frame.
Mines not an expensive one, just a cheap Lifeline one but I can be careful about the clamp (its a adjustable quick release mechanism), maybe too careful IMC :becool: The main bike sits in the groove OK and the clamp above only adjusted far enough so the frame can't come out, its not really clamped :biggrin:


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Same here got a bog standard work stand and clamp it round the seat post with a piece of cloth between the seat steam and jaws to be on the safe side.


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clamp the seatpost (if it's not carbon). If it is, sell it and buy a Thomson Masterpiece


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tundragumski said:
clamp the seatpost (if it's not carbon).

As long as it's not something like an Ax-Lightness Daedalus, clamping around a carbon seatpost is fine.

People tip toe around carbon fibre like it'll fail if you look at it funny.
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